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We all set goals, or at least we think about setting goals. They tell me that it is not a “goal” unless you write it down and I did that for years. I would write down the five to ten things that we wanted to accomplish in the coming year and feel like I had done something. The problem with this process was that I didn’t always keep the list in front of me. Nor did I fully separate goals from wishes.

The results were that I had a vision, but not a plan. A “goal” is how to transfer your wishes into a plan that turns them into reality.

I’d been making a task list rather than setting goals.

Then I discovered SMART goals. What is dumb about that is that the SMART goals process has been around since the early 80s and I just started using it in the last few years. Sure I knew of it, but never went through the thought process until the last few years and it does make a huge difference.

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Thom Coats
Thom Coats
Thom Coats serves as the Headmaster of the UnStuck Business Academy, a business consulting and training organization and President of the executive networking group, C-SUITE. He spends time coaching salespeople, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Successful Sales Leader
Experienced Small Business Coach & Sales Trainer
Professional Speaker & Best-Selling Author
B.B.A. from Mississippi State University
M.B.A from Western Governor’s University

Thom is a business leader whose entrepreneurial instincts and clear vision have assisted in the growth of multiple companies.
Thom stands at the forefront of the solutions-based technology industry. With 25 plus years of New Business Development serving roles from sales, district manager to Vice President of Sales with corporations such as Century II, Paychex, and NFIB. Thom’s passion is to help his clients succeed by implementing solutions that work.
With an array of interests and affiliations, Thom stays connected to the community through investing time and energy on the Advisory Board for Read to Succeed, Board of Directors for the Tennessee Philharmonic and active in the Walter Hill church of Christ.

As a third-generation entrepreneur, Thom has great insight in understanding what clients want and need. He and his wife have three sons and daughters-in-law. To keep him grounded in remembering who he is, on Thom’s desk is the same Bible that set in his father’s office and his grandfather’s before that.

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